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SEE 3000 Spectrometer

The SEE 3000 spectrometer is designed as a field portable instrument for non-destructive analysis under almost any conditions. It is capable of transmission, reflectance, polarization and fluorescence spectroscopy.

The optical bench consists of a sensitive CCD spectrometer combined with a fiber optic probe and a stabilized light source. The system can take high resolution spectra from the ultraviolet to visible to NIR regions. The fibre optic probe attached to the instrument determines what type of spectral measurement will be made. In, addition, theSEE 3000 can be operated at any location with the optional battery pack.

The SEE 3000 software is run on a PentiumTM computer operating under Windows '95TM. It is a sophisticated, 32-bit package that combines instrument control, data processing, viewing and database capabilities in one simple and intuitive package. The software is designed for ease of use and can be customized for any laboratory. Optical software modules can be added for color coordinate calculation, 3D viewing of data, statistical analysis of spectra.

The SEE 3000 Microspectrometer is designed as a portable, rugged, full featured spectrometer with sophisticated data analysis capabilities. It is both lightweight and cost effective for spectral analysis in the field.

For more information and instrument specifications please e-mail SEE.


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